Exercises for Lesson Five



Exercise 5A


Use the verb cebisee- ‘walk’ to say all of the following in Arapaho:


1. I am not walking.  


2. He is not walking.  


3. You are not walking.  


4. She is not walking.  


5. Are you walking?  


6. Is she walking?  


7. Am I walking?  


8. Is he walking?  



Exercise 5B


The following sentences are positive. Make them negative.

Example: Tenei’eiht (‘he is strong’)
Answer: Hoowtei’eih (‘he is not strong’)


9. Play Neneeteihinoo  


10. Play Neneeteihin  


11. Play Neneeteiht  


12. Play Bee'ee'  


13. Play Niihooyoo'  


14. Play Nii'i3ecoonoo  


15. Beeteeet  


16. Play Beeteeenoo  


17. Play Neniibei'it  


18. Play Neniibeinoo  



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