Exercises for Lesson Four



Exercise 4A


The following sentences are in the present tense. Change them to the past tense.

Example: ceeneeteeyoo’ (‘it is green’)
Answer: nihceneeteeyoo’ (‘it was green’)


1. Play Tenei'eihinoo  


2. Play Beeteeen  


3. Play Neniisi3ei'it  


4. Play Neniisi3ei'i3i'  


5. Play Tenei'eihino'  


6. Play Hiinono'eitinoo  


7. Play Niih'oo3ouyeitin  


8. Play Heeyoo'  


9. Play Neneeteiht  


10. Play Bee'ee'  



Exercise 4B


Change the following sentences to the future tense.

Example: nii’i3ecoonoo (‘I am happy’)
Answer: heetni’i3ecoonoo (‘I will be happy’)


11. Play Nii'i3ecoot  


12. Play Neniisi3ei'i3i'  


13. Play Bee'ee'  


14. Play Niihooyoo'  


15. Play Neneeteihinee  


16. Play Heeneiht  


17. Play Beeteee3i'  


18. Play Ceebiseenoo  


19. Play Heniiyooteihinee  


20. Play Honoowusee3i'  



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