Exercises for Lesson Three



Exercise 3A


Make a sentence that describes something, using the parts given below:

Example: he3, 'white'
Answer: he3 nonookeiht = ‘the dog is white’


1. he3, gray  


2. he3, yellow  


3. wo3onohóe, yellow  


4. wo3onohóe, white  


5. woxhoox, white  


6. beh’eihehi’, tall  


7. beh’eihehi’, strong  


8. bes, long  


9. woxhoox, strong  


10. bes, strong  



Exercise 3B


The following sentences are singular. Make them plural.

Example: woo’teeneiht (‘he/she is black’)
Answer: woo’teeneihi3i’ (‘they are black’)


11. Play Niihooyoo’  


12. Play Bee’ee’  


13. Play Tenei’eiht  


14. Play Heeyoo’  


15. Play Heeneiht  


16. Play Nonoocoo’  


17. Play Nonookeiht  


18. Play Heniiyooteiht  



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