Lesson Twenty-Two - Part Two
Combining the Future Tense with Questions & Negation



Now, study the following:


héétéi'éíhinoo I will be strong
koohéétéí'eih Will you be strong?


To put negative and question forms in the future tense, neet- replaces nei-, heet- replaces hei-, and het- replaces hi-.


henííne'etííno' We are living (somewhere)
heetnéíhoowuune'etííbe We will not live
koohéé(t)tóe Will you be cold?


In addition to the above, study the following:


kooheicíítei'éíh Are you not strong?
  Aren't you strong?
neetcíítei'éíh I will not be strong (Salz)
heetnéíhoowtéí'eih (same as above) (Moss)
koohéétciitéí'eih Will you not be strong?
koohétciito'óót Will he not strike it?


Here are a few last examples, involving everything from this chapter:


héih'(h)oowuneyéí3eihé3 I did not teach you(sing)
híh'ihoowunoohóbee He did not see him
koohé(i)hneyéi3éíh Did you teach me?
koohé(i)hneyéi3éíhoo Did you teach him?
koohéétnoohobe3ébe Will I see you(pl)?



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