Lesson Twenty - Part Two
Summary of TA Verbs - Continued



The result of putting all of this together is the following table of endings, using the verb 'see' as an example:


You and Me forms:
1-2 nonoohob-é3en I see you
1-2p nonoohob-e3énee I see you two
2-1 nonoohow-ún You see me
2p-1 nonoohow-únee You two see me
1p-2 nonoohób-een We see you
1p-2p nonoohob-éénee We see you two
2-1p nonoohob-éi'een You see us
2p-1p nonoohob-éi'éénee You two see us

Third and Fourth Person forms:
    -3plural (object)
1-3 nonóóhow-ó' nonóóhow-óu'u
2-3 nonóóhow-ót nonóóhow-óti
3-4 nonoohów-oot (same as sing.)
1p-3 nonoohób-eet nonóóhob-éé3i'
12-3 nonóóhow-óóno' (same as sing.)
2p-3 nonóóhow-óónee (same as sing.)
3p-3 nonóóhow-óó3i' (same as sing.)
    Plural subject
3-1 nonoohob-éínoo nonoohowú3i'
3-2 nonoohob-éín nonoohobéinóni
4-3 nonoohob-éít (same as sing.)
3-1p nonoohob-éi'eet nonoohob-éi'éé3i'
3-12 nonoohob-éíno' (same as sing.)
3-2p nonoohob-éínee (same as sing.)
4-3p nonoohob-éí3i' (same as sing.)


Some more examples:


bííxoo3ó' I like him/her
hoowóuunonó' I pity him/her
neníítone3éne I hear you(pl)
nonóóhowóu'u I see them
tóó'owún You(sing) strike me
biixoo3éínoo S/he loves me
nonoohobéínoo S/he sees me
tóó'owóti You hit them
neníítonéi'een You hear us
neníítonín You hear me
nonóóhowún You see me
nonoohówoot S/he sees him/her
neníítonéíno' He/they hear us



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