Exercises for Lesson Two



Exercise 2A


Translate the following into Arapaho, using the verb nii'i3ecoo- ‘happy’:

Example: You (more than one) are happy.
Answer: Nii'i3ecoonee.


1. I’m happy.  


2. She's happy.  


3. They're happy.  


4. You're happy.  


5. We (not including you) are happy.  


6. You and I are happy.  



Exercise 2B


Describe yourself. Look in the Dictionary to find the words you need.


Exercise 2C


Describe one member of your family. Look in the Dictionary to find the words you need. Try to use simple, basic descriptions (‘he is tall, he is short, he is young, he is funny, he works at the school, he sings, he dances, etc).


Exercise 2D


Listen to the following words and try to mark the correct stress. TEMPORARY NOTE: SOUND FILES NOT LINKED FOR THIS EXERCISE.


7. Beneeseineetiinoo    I am shouting


8. Yonooteihi3i'   They are hiding


9. Tonousebeihi3i'   They are swimming



Exercise 2E


Using your knowledge of stressed vowels in Arapaho, mark stress on the following words.


10. Neniibein   You are singing


11. Tonooyeineet   S/he is screaming


12. Woo3onoheinoo   I am writing


13. Beniibi3ehini'   We are praying


14. Beebeeneihinee   You (plural) are beautiful


15. Sonooteihi3i'   They are dirty



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