Exercises for Lesson Nineteen


Exercise 19A


Describe two different people or animals, with one of them being proximate and the other obviative.




Exercise 19B


Translate the following into English, and underline the obviative person:


1. Hinen nonoohowoot hisein  


2. Hisein nonoohowoot hinen  


3. Hisein nonoohobeit hinen  


4. Hinen nonoohobeit hisein  


5. Neecee heneeneti3oot tei’yoonoho’  


6. Tei’yoonehe’ heneeneti3oot neeceen  


7. Neecee heneeneti3eit tei’yoonoho’  


8. Neinoo niiceh’e3ihoot hinenin  


9. Neinoo niiceh’e3iheit hinenin  


10. Hinen nooh’oot hiwoxuuhuu  



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