Lesson Thirteen - Part One
TA/Two-Person Verbs



The verb beniiné3en means 'I'm giving it to you.' But you might want to be more specific about what you're giving. All you have to do in this case is just say the name of the thing you're giving:


Play  Beniiné3en bei'ci3ei'i I'm giving you money.
Play  Beniiné3en woxhoox I'm giving you a horse.


These things are called secondary objects because you don't have to change the verb when you add them to the sentence – they're secondary to the main people doing the things or being acted upon. The same thing can be done with other verbs:


Play  Neni'itowuuné3en woxhoox I'm asking you for a horse.
Play  Honoo3ítooné3en woxhoox I'm telling you a story about a horse.
Play  Benii3wooné3en cebteenoc I'm cooking frybread for you.



Exercises for Lesson Thirteen