Exercises for Lesson Thirteen


Exercise 13A


Translate the following into English.


Example: Beniine3énee woxhoox

Answer: I’m giving you (pl) a horse


1. Play Benííneen woxhoox  


2. Play Beniiné3en he3  


3. Play Beniinéénee bei’ci3ei’i  


4. Play Beniine3énee niiniihencebkoohut  


5. Play Neníiitowuuné3en bei’ci3ei’i  


6. Play Neni’itowuunéénee ho3ii  


7. Play Neni’itowuunéén beete’  


8. Play Neni’itowuune3énee wo3onohóe  


9. Play Niihii3é3en neheic!  


10. Play Niihii3e3énee neheic!  



Exercise 13B


In the following, one person (I) is giving something, asking for something, saying something, and so forth. Change the sentences so that more than one person (we) is doing the action.

Example: Noottoné3en heeyóuhuu (‘I’m asking you something’)
Answer: Noottóneen heeyóuhuu (‘We’re asking you something’)

11. Play Beniiné3en he3  


12. Play Beniine3énee neniihencebkoohut  


13. Play Neníiitowuuné3en bei’ci3ei’i  


14. Play Neni’itowuune3énee wo3onohóe  


15. Play Niihii3é3en neheic!  


16. Play Niihii3e3énee neheic!  



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