Exercises for Lesson Twelve


Exercise 12A


Use the following verbs to say that you’re doing something to another person (don’t forget about initial change!).

Example 1: noohob- ‘see’
Answer: nonoohobé3en ‘I see you’

Example 2: heeneti3- ‘talk to’
Answer: heneeneti3é3en ‘I’m talking to you’


1. Ceh’e3ih- ‘listen to’  


2. To’ob- ‘hit’  


3. Hesoohob- ‘watch’  


4. Nei’oohob- ‘look at’  


5. Niiton- ‘hear, understand’  


6. Biin- ‘give s.t. to’  


7. Niiteheib- ‘help’  


8. Bii3woon- ‘cook for’  


9. Notton- ‘ask about s.t.’  


10. Hei’towuun- ‘tell s.t. to’  



Exercise 12B


The following verbs say that ‘I am doing (something) to you.’ Change them to say that ‘we are doing (something) to you’:

Example: nonoohobé3en ‘I see you’
Answer: nonoohobeen ‘we see you’


11. Play Hooxobé3en ‘I am feeding you’  


12. Play Kookoh’eenebé3en ‘I am thinking about you’  


13. Play Nenii3ooné3en ‘I am going with you’  


14. Play Biixoo3é3en ‘I love you’  


15. Play Hee’inoné3en ‘I know you’  


16. Play Honoo3itooné3en ‘I am telling you a story’  


17. Play Heneeteenebé3en ‘I respect you’  


18. Play Ceneitooné3en ‘I am visiting you’  


19. Play Niihii3é3en ‘I am saying it to you’  


20. Play Neni’itowuuné3en ‘I am asking you for something’  



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