Lesson Eleven - Part Two
A Simplified Story in Arapaho


See if you can read the story below, with the help of the words given in the list. Dashes have been included to help you recognize prefixes and suffixes.


cesisi- = start to do something
noohoo3ei- = to see things (AI)
nihii- = to say something (AI)
hoseino' = meat (NI)
ni'coo- = to taste good (II)


You can click on each sentence to hear it pronounced in Arapaho, and to see its English translation.


Play Heesitee-' hiiwoonhehe'! Play Nehe' he3 heesnee-t.  


Play Ceesis-cebisee-t. Play Hoowu-noohoo3ei.  


Play Niihii-t: Play "Yeheihoo, heesitee-'! Play Heesnee-noo. Play Toot-hoseino'?"  


Play Ceebisee-t, Play cenee-cebisee-t, Play 'oh hoowu-noohoo3ei.  


Play Neneeteihi-t. Play Beneet-3i'oku-t. Play Howoh'oe!  


Play Nonoohoot-o' nii'cooti-' hoseino'. Play Benii3i-'.  


Play Woow hoow-eesnee. Play Woow nii'i3ecoo-t nehe' he3.  



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