Exercises for Lesson One




Exercise 1A


The way you learned to put words together in this section can be used for many other verbs. Using the vocabulary from Part 1 and the verbs below, try having a short conversation with a partner. For example, if you wanted to tell your partner that you speak English, you would say niih'óó3ouyéítinoo (niih'óó3ouyéíti- + -noo).


hiinóno'éíti-1 speak Arapaho
niih'óó3ouyéíti-  speak English
neniisí3ei- work
(neniisí3ei’i-)  (same as above)
neeyéi3éí-  go to school
beetéee-  dance


1. Note that hinóno'éí means "Arapaho" and nih'óó3oo means "white man"


Exercise 1B


Translate the following sentences into Arapaho. You can click on the sentences to see and hear them in Arapaho.


1. I’m going to school.  


2. Are you going to school?  


3. I’m not going to school.  


4. You’re not going to school?  


Exercise 1C


Translate the following sentences into English. Click on the sentences to see the answers.



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