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Types of dances during an Arapaho Pow-wow:

Men's Traditional Dance
This dance tells a story through the movements of the dancers. The story usually represents one of a warrior during battle or hunting.
Men's Fancy Dance
This dance has a similar style to the traditional dance. However, the beautiful dress and complex drumbeats form more graceful movements by the dancers.
Men's Grass/War Dance
This is an active dance filled with quick movement. It is based of the motion of grass flowing in the wind.
Women's Traditional Dance
This is a slow and graceful dance of personal expression.
Women's Fancy Dance
This dance is extremely energetic and athletic. Recognized by the outstretched shawls of the dancers, the dance is performed to a fast-paced song while maintaining elegance and grace.
Women's Jingle Dance
A musical dance performed in sync to the motion and sound of the jingle dress, as well as the beat of the drum.

All video taken at Ethete, Wyoming, Wind River Reservation, June 2004