Purpose | Costume | Dance

Costumes worn during an Arapaho Pow-wow:

Men's traditional/fancy:
Dancers wear fancy regalia. It is noted for the colorful beadwork, feathers, ribbons, and an additional bustle worn at the back of the neck, accentuating each of the dancer's athletic movements.
Men's grass:
Shirt and pants worn during this dance are heavily fringed with ribbon, yarn or cloth moving as an extension of the dancer's body. It is reminiscent of prairie grass swaying in the wind.
Women's traditional:
Dancers wear or carry shawls (a sign of modesty and respect) and long traditional buckskin or cloth dresses.

Women's shawl:

Dancers wear beautifully decorated fringed shawls.
Women's jingle:
Dresses are covered by rows of triangular metal cones.

(All pictures taken at Ethete, Wyoming, Wind River Reservation)