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A list of all contributors to the production of this site and the material contained on it through the years (2001-2008).

CU Students, 2001:

Mike Boehler
Robin Brontsema
Jonathan Craig
Ethan Crawford
Niyati Desai
Meghan Dews
Camille Fetter
Hartwell Francis
Rob Helmsteter
Sara Iverson
Julie Klauss
Marni Low
Mollie McKinley
Brooke Meltzer
Michael (Tucker) Moore
Sonja Nelson
Amy Roberts
Parker Rothhammer
Grace Stearns
Brad Stell
Angie Ulanskas
Anna Welch

CU Students, 2004:

Kevin Anderson
Alexis Armoskus
Tony Bednar
Lauren Brown
Riley Evans
Will Good
Adrian Hedges
Kevin Heinz
Casey Inch
Troy Koelling
Colbert Levy
Michelle Preston
Zach Sanders
Andrea Slicker
Louis Sonne
Alan Tenenbaum
Tim Vacca

Northern Arapahos:

Mary Allen
Howard Antelope
Mike Beaver
Vincent Brown
Vidale C'Bearing
Brian C'Hair
Wayne C'Hair
William C'Hair
Kim Delorme
Shawn Delorme
Merle Haas
Jude Haas
George Lujan
Alonzo Moss, Sr.
Elizabeth Moss
Richard Moss
Ben Ridgely
Betty Ridgely
Eugene Ridgely, Sr.
Eugene Ridgely, Jr.
Eugene Ridgely, III
Gail Ridgely
Ed Underwood
Mary Kate Underwood
Nelson White
Edward Willow
Michael Willow
Lisa Yawakia


Jeffrey Anderson, Colby College
Nancy Arnt, CU French and Italian
Steve Bailey, CU Information Tech Svcs
John Brett, CU-Denver
Bill Butler, Rocky Mountain NP
Deborah Confer, CU Museum
Norma Cowell, Ft. Collins, CO
Sally McBeth, Univ. of Northern Colorado
Brett Mann, CU Audio Specialist
Tom Meier, Boulder, CO
Tim Riggs, CU Photography Specialist
Zdenek Salzmann, Sedona, AZ
Mary Strine, Creekside Elementary, Boulder
David Underwood, CU Graphics Specialist
Mark Werner, CU Information Tech Svcs

Hartwell Francis, CU Independent Study ("White Man and Ducks" story)
Hew Volkel, CU Independent Study ("How the Man Fooled the Ghost" story)
Laura Rogers, Molly Bloom, CU Independent Study (simplified Arapaho stories and conversations)


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