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About the Site
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Special Note: In February, 2009, Forrest Little Bird informed us that the photograph in the lower right hand corner of the composite image on the main page of this site is of his great grandfather Little Bird.

This site was originally begun as a class project for Linguistics 4100, taught in Fall, 2001, in cooperation with CU's Technology, Artsand Media (TAM) certificate program, a division of the ATLAS Institute. Additional development was done by Andrew Cowell, Director of CU's Center for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the West (CSILW). Many images on the site were produced by Dr. Cowell and his students.

Current Version
In the Fall of 2004, another class, ATLAS 4010, revised the website as part of their TAM Capstone class, and further revisions were made by Dr. Cowell and a graduate student in Linguistics, Hartwell Francis. The revisions were funded by the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities, with additional support from the US National Park Service and Rocky Mountain National Park, the University of Colorado, the Boulder County (Colorado) Nature Association, and private donors.


Composite image by Colbert Levy,
University of Colorado

Tribal Collaboration
A number of individuals from the Northern Arapaho Tribe collaborated on the project, providing language and cultural information, feedback on the site, and also some site development in conjunction at Wind River Tribal College. Dr. Cowell received valuable support from Sky People Higher Education, and the Northern Arapaho Bilingual Education Program while working on the Wind River Reservation. He would especially like to thank Alonzo Moss, Sr, Co-chair of the Northern Arapaho Language and Culture Commission for his contributions to the Language and Places portions of the site, Eugene Ridgely, Jr. for his help in coordinating summer research work, and Merle Haas for personal support and logistical help.


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