Yakso Endo
Program Manager
ECOT 749

ECOT 749

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Yasko Endo is the program manager and project manager for Scalable Game Design research project at the University of Colorado Boulder. Scalable Game Design is a computer science education research project that is revolutionalizing how computer science is taught in schools, while engaging and motivating students typically underrepresented in this field of study and work. In addition to overseeing all internal and outreach day to day activities and operations, Yasko is responsible for strategic planning. She led the aquisition of four Google corporate research grants since starting at CU in 2012 and served as Principal Investigator on two projects, as well as co-written National Science Foundation grant proposals and co-authored several research papers. Yasko studied Industrial Systems Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, earned her BS from University of Northern Colorado and her MS from Colorado State University.