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Mark D.  Gross

Professor and Director, ATLAS Institute

Contact Information

1045 Regent Drive 430 UCB
Boulder CO, 80309‐0430 USA

Office Hours

on request


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B.S., Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Mark D Gross taught at University of Colorado’s Environmental Design program from 1990-1999. Before that he served as Professor of Architecture at the University of Washington, Seattle from 1999-2004 and then as Professor of Computational Design in the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University from 2004. He is co-founder, with former students, of two Boulder-based companies: Modular Robotics Incorporated ( and Blank Slate Systems (

His research interests are computational design and construction kits, tangible interaction, architectural robotics, creativity, and modular robotics for education.

Earlier Gross worked on constraint programming languages and sketch recognition: he is known for his early work on “The Electronic Cocktail Napkin”, a domain-independent end-user programmable sketch recognition environment. Before pursuing an academic career Gross worked at Atari Cambridge Research, the MIT Logo Lab, and Logo Computer Systems Inc. He holds a BS in Architectural Design and PhD in Design Theory and Methods from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.