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Elizabeth  Bradley


Contact Information

ECOT 747
1045 Regent Drive 430 UCB
Boulder CO, 80309‐0430 USA

Office Hours

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Research Interests

Recent Research Activities: Numerical and experimental studies of chaotic systems, emphasizing the comparison of mathematical models with real systems. Autonomous design and analysis tools that help geoscientists model and understand complex data (e.g., ice and sea-sediment cores).


BS, MS, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Elizabeth Bradley did her undergraduate and graduate work at MIT, interrupted by a one-year leave of absence to row in the 1988 Olympic Games, and has been with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder since January of 1993.  Her research interests include nonlinear dynamics, artificial intelligence, and control theory.  She is the recipient of a NSF National Young Investigator award, a Packard Fellowship, a Radcliffe Fellowship, and the 1999 student-voted University of Colorado College of Engineering teaching award.