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ECOT 623

ECOT 623

Tony is an instructor in the Computer Science Department at CU-Boulder.

Before joining the CS Department, Tony was a postdoc with Penn State University's Earth and Environmental Systems Institute. There, he worked on characterizing uncertainties in climate models, as well as examining the implications of these uncertainties on climate risk management strategies. In particular, Tony's love for computational science extends to research applications that include sea-level and storm surge change, and the impacts of these changes on coastal zones. 

Before that, Tony was a graduate student with the Applied Math Department at CU-Boulder. There, he studied the impacts of uncertainty accounting on ecosystem process models and, in particular, the value of water isotopic information to constrain these models. Tony's dissertation can be summed up as "if a `regular' water constraint is worth 1 beer, then an isotopic constraint is an extra half-beer". If you would like to chat about this analogy in greater detail, he would love to discuss it further over exactly 1.5 beers.

Check out his website if you would like more information.