Thomas Nelson
Post-Baccalaureate Assistant Teaching Professor

Thomas Nelson earned a BS in computer science at the University of Texas at Austin,
and a MS and PhD in computer science at the University of Colorado.
His research combined mathematics, compiler optimizations, and genetic algorithms to create high-performance linear algebra transformations for scientific computing. He has been teaching computer science at CU since 2016. 

Why do you teach online for the Post-Bacc program?

I’m excited about programming and I want to share that excitement with others.
I believe computer science can be more than just an in-demand degree for a software programmer, although it certainly is that.
It can also be an eye-opening, rewarding, and fun (yes fun!) field of study.
Computer science has profoundly changed the way I think, and I hope I can pass on some of that perspective and enthusiasm.
The Post-Bacc is a new frontier for CU and for me personally, and I think it’s only going to grow and improve.

What do you like to do outside of CU?

Most of my free time these days is spent with my wife and young son, born in 2017. When I’m not fishing things out of his mouth or fiddling with a computer, I like hiking, board games, and reading.