Course Requirements

Note that all CSCI course prerequisites are enforced.

  • Calculus 1 and 2 are both required for the minor:
    • Calculus 1 options: MATH 1300, APPM 1350, or APPM 1340/1345 (with grade of C- or better)
    • Calculus 2 options: MATH 2300 or APPM 1360 (with grade of C- or better) and
  • CSCI 1300-4, Computer Science 1: Programming. Grade of C- or better. Offered Fall, Spring and Summer.
  • CSCI 2270-4, Computer Science 2: Data Structures.  Grade of C- or better. Offered Fall, Spring and Summer.

Additional approved Computer Science courses to bring the total number of all credit hours taken to satisfy the Minor to 21 or more. Approved courses include

  • CSCI 2400-4, Computer Systems. Offered Fall and Spring.
  • CSCI 3002-3, Human-Centered Computing Foundations.  Offered Spring. 
  • CSCI 3104-4, Algorithms.  Offered Fall and Spring.
  • CSCI 3112-1, Human-Centered Computing Professional Development.  Offered Fall and Spring.
  • CSCI 3155-4, Principles of Programming Languages.  Offered Fall and Spring.
  • CSCI 3202-3, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.  Offered Fall.
  • CSCI 3287-3, Database and Information Systems.  Offered Fall and Summer.
  • *CSCI 3302-3, Introduction to Robotics.  Offered Fall.
  • CSCI 3308-3, Software Engineering Methods and Tools.  Offered Fall.
  • CSCI 3434-3, Theory of Computation.  Offered Spring.
  • CSCI 3656-3, Numerical Computation.  Offered Spring.
  • CSCI 3702-3, Cognitive Science.  Offered Fall.
  • CSCI 3753-4, Operating Systems.  Offered Spring.
  • CSCI 4113-3, UNIX System Administration.  Offered Fall and Spring.
  • CSCI 4123-4, Network Laboratory.  Offered Fall, Spring and Summer.
  • CSCI 4133-4, Security Laboratory. Offered Spring.
  • CSCI 4143-2, Principles of Telecommunications Policy. Offered Spring.
  • CSCI 4229-3, Computer Graphics.  Offered Fall and Summer.
  • CSCI 4239-3, Advanced Computer Graphics.  Offered Spring.
  • CSCI 4273-3, Network Systems.  Offered Fall.
  • CSCI 4302-3, Advanced Robotics.  Offered Spring.
  • CSCI 4314-3, Algorithms for Molecular Biology.  Offered Fall.
  • CSCI 4317-3, Genome Databases: Mining and Management.  See Dept.
  • CSCI 4322-3, Things That Think.  Currently CSCI 4830 Topics -See Dept.
  • CSCI 4332-3, Game Programming.  Currently CSCI 4830 Topics - See Dept.
  • *CSC4446-3, Chaotic Dynamics.  Offered Spring.
  • CSCI 4448-3, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.
  • CSCI 4502-3, Data Mining.  Offered Spring.
  • *CSCI 4555-3, Compiler Construction.  See Dept.
  • CSCI 4576-4, High-Performance Scientific Computing 1.  Offered Fall.
  • *CSCI 4593-3, Computer Organization.  Offered Fall and Spring.
  • *CSCI 4753-3, Computer Performance Modeling.  Offered Spring.
  • CSCI 4809-3, Computer Animation.  Offered Fall and Summer.
  • CSCI 4810-1, Seminar in Computational Biology and Health Informatics.  Offered Fall.
  • CSCI 4830-3, Special Topics in Computer Science. Various topics, various semesters.
  • Other upper-division Computer Science courses (CSCI courses numbered 3000 through 4999), if approved by the Computer Science undergraduate advisor.
  • First-year graduate Computer Science courses (CSCI courses numbered 5000 through 5999), if approved by the Computer Science undergraduate advisor.

Residency Requirements

At least three computer science courses need to be taken on the Boulder campus. At least two of these three have to be at the upper-division level.

If you are considering a change to a Computer Science major, note that the final 45 hours of the BS degree must be taken after admission to the College of Engineering and Applied Science on the Boulder campus, and certain Computer Science courses must be taken on the Boulder campus.

Grade Requirements

A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.25 or better is required in the courses that are used to satisfy the requirements for this minor. Each individual course that is counted towards these degree requirements must be passed with a D- or better. Note, however, that a C- or better is required in all prerequisite courses to go on to a subsequent course.

*ECEN-BS and EEEN-BS Majors: ECEN-BA and EEEN-BA majors who add the Computer Science minor may count only two ECEN courses towards the 21 credit hour CS minor:  ECEN 1310 and one cross-listed ECEN/CSCI course is allowed or if completing CSCI 1300, two of the cross-listed ECEN/CSCI courses are allowed to count.

Completing a Computer Science Minor

The College of Engineering and Applied Science requires the submission of the Computer Science minor degree audit signed by the Computer Science advisor.  Contact one of the Computer Science BS Advisors, according to the first letter of your last name once you are about to complete the minor to ask for a signed minor audit.