Matt Turner with his dog on a hike in the Flatirons
Research Manager, Yeh Lab • Humanics Evangelist

Our lab works with multiple disciplines to bring fresh ideas to new projects and find ways to affect cross-cultural communication. We collaborate with local government and business leaders to ensure that CU's academic missions become reality.

  • Our concern: As technology advances at an exponential rate, the changes to our education system, our government, and our culture will be dramatic. We want to make sure that our society not only survives these changes, but thrives because of them.
  • Our passion: Introduce the term "Humanics" as a way to define our efforts to bring tech ethics education into K-12, higher education, and our broader civil society.  We want to ensure that all students develop a deep understanding of A.I., big data, ethics, and spirituality.
  • Our goal: Transition our education system toward training students to teach themselves and each other. We want students to be prepared for the hands-on Humanics approach.