Outstanding Research Award

This award is presented to PhD students each spring. The goal is to recognize PhD students for their research accomplishments in the current calendar year.

  • Hooman Hedayati (Dan Szafir, Faculty Advisor)
  • Jennings Anderson (Leysia Palen, Faculty Advisor)

  • Brett Roads
  • Dana Hughes
  • Halley Profita
  • Marina Kogan
  • Md. Arafat Sultan
  • Sam Way

  • Joshua Garland
  • Mohammad Khajah
  • Michael Andy McEvoy
  • Townsend Jennings Anderson
  • Homa Hosseinmardi

  • Erik Komendera
  • Robert Soden
  • Sam Blackshear
  • Mohammad Khajah

  • Danish Khan
  • Yifei Jiang
  • Daniel McDonald
  • Dola Saha

  • Holger Dick
  • Yifei Jiang
  • Keith Maull
  • Caleb Phillips

Outstanding Teaching Excellence Award

  • Austin Holler

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

  • Abhidip Bhattacharya
  • Murad Chowdhury
  • Nikhil Sulegaon
  • Sandesh Dhawaskar
  • Shayon Gupta
  • Shivendra Agrawal
  • Albert Dayn

Outstanding Graduate Part-Time Instructor Award

  • Rick Parker
  • Vipra Gupta

Outstanding Service Award

  • Benno Stein
  • Cecilia Mauceri
  • Ian Martiny
  • Jessie Finn
  • John Stechschulte
  • Prasanth Pralahdan
  • Srinjita Bhaduri
  • Stephen Hutt

Lloyd Botway Fellowship

Presented to an outstanding master's student for excellence in research and service. 

  • Gerard Casas Saez

Research Expo Awards

  • Akshit Arora – Best poster in MS group
  • Layne Hubbard – Best poster in PhD group
  • Izzy Aguiar – Student’s choice award

Summer Research Fellowship Award

  • Ethan Hanner

Ralph J. Slutz Student Excellence Award

This award was established in 2010 through a gift made by one of Dr. Slutz’ former students, Xiaodong Zhang (MSCompSci’85, PhD’89) to annually recognize students in computer science who have established a record of academic excellence and/or technical research and innovation. Zhang is currently the chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Ohio State University. In 2011, Dean Robert H. Davis presented him with the Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award, which honors outstanding graduates and friends of the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

  • Nam Bui
  • Hoang Truong

  • Taisa Kushner
  • Dan Milroy

  • Dana Hughes (graduate student)
  • Rick Parker (graduate student)

  • Fernando Nobre (graduate student)
  • Nicholas Farrow (graduate student)

  • Joshua Garland (graduate student)
  • Dana Hughes (graduate student)

  • Sam Blackshear (graduate student)
  • Md Arafat Sultan (graduate student)

  • Aleksandar Chakarov (graduate student)
  • Robert Lindsey (graduate student)
  • Emily Bertelson (undergraduate student)
  • Sarah Feller (undergraduate student)
  • Paul Givens (undergraduate student)