We provide various types of support for our classes, including undergraduate Course Assistants (CA), Educational Tech Assistants (ETA) and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA). These programs provide opportunities for undergrads to assist their peers as they pursue the study of computer science. 

Want to Help Others?  

Position Types

  • Undergraduate Course Assistants support the students and instructor of a specific course. A Course Assistant’s primary role is to hold office hours to provide support for students who have questions about course material. CAs can also assist with projects assigned by the instructor, be asked to attend course planning (and other) meetings, host review sessions, provide basic technical assistance to students of the course, and assist students during lab or recitation sections.This position does no grading and no direct classroom instruction. CAs are supervised by the Manager of the Computer Science Course Assistant Program.
    • The classes supported by Course Assistants are:
      • CSCI 1000 Computer Science as a Field of Work and Study
      • CSCI 1300 Starting Computing
      • CSCI 2270 Data Structures
      • CSCI 2275 Programming and Data Structures
      • CSCI 2400 Computer Systems
      • CSCI 2820 Computer Science with Linear Algebra Application
      • CSCI 2824 Discrete Structures
      • CSCI 3010 Programming Project Workshop
      • CSCI 3022 Data Science
      • CSCI 3104 Algorithms
      • CSCI 3155 Principles of Programming Languages
      • CSCI 3202 Artificial Intelligence
      • CSCI 3287 Databases
      • CSCI 3308 Software Dev
      • CSCI 3753 Operating Systems
      • CSCI 4622 Machine Learning
  • Educational Technology Assistants help with various CSEL/Educational Tech tasks, like helping maintain and expand the COG autograding front-ends, building grading scripts for course assignments, and other to-do items as needed. ETAs are supervised by CSEL systems administrators and do not have instructional duties. 
  • A limited number of Undergraduate Teaching Assistant positions are available for a small number of courses. These positions require students to take a 1-credit UTA course (students are placed in the course when hired for the position). This position does include direct classroom instructional duties; therefore, applicants for these positions may be subject to additional screening. Please contact Felix Muzny if interested in learning more.

Applying for a Course Assistant Position. Application for Fall 2019 is now OPEN. (The Summer 2019 application has closed. Please see the "Step 1" section, below, for information about application open and close dates). 

  • Step 1: Complete the online application. You must be logged into Google Apps with your CU credentials to complete this form. See the OIT Google Apps page for help.
    • Applications for summer open in March and close at the end of April. 
    • Applications for fall open in March and close at the end of July.
    • Applications for spring open in October and close in mid-November
  • Step 2: Submit an unofficial transcript in PDF format to Amy Richards. You can access your unofficial transcript via myCUinfo.
  • Step 3: Have a CU Boulder faculty member, instructor, or Computer Science Teaching Assistant submit the recommendation form on your behalf. (If you are applying for both summer and fall 2019, we can use the same recommendation for both applications.) Faculty/Instructors/TAs must be logged into Google Apps with their CU credentials to complete this form. See the OIT Google Suite page for help.

Application review begins on or around May 1 for summer, July 15 for fall, and  November 15 for spring. Application review for each term will continue until all positions have been filled.

Contact Amy Richards if you have questions about these positions or this process.

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