Free VMWare Software

If you are current, active computer science student, faculty member or staff member, VMWare is provided free.

To begin the process, simply visit the Computer Science OnTheHub Portal and sign in with your IdentiKey credentials.

If you are eligible, you will automatically be registered and verified for one year from your sign-in date.

Visit the e5 Portal

If you do not see any products, your account does not have the egilibility requirements for automated CS portal access registration.

  • Current Computer Science Career Track (Graduate, Major, Minor)
  • Current Computer Science Faculty
  • Current Computer Science Staff

If you are a student from a different department who wants access, please email to get access assigned manually after you have logged into the e5 portal at least once.

Current students, faculty, and staff that are part of the Technology, Cybersecurity & Policy Program are now affiliated with Computer Science, and as such will also have automatic elgibility for VMWare products in the portal.

Computer Science Education Lab (CSEL)

The Computer Science Education Lab is temporarily located in the former aerospace wing (ECAE 128), due to construction in ECCS 112 and 128. ECAE 128 is located within the ECAE 125-139 Computer Science Lounge and Interview Grading area.

Your Buff OneCard is requred for access to the lab. Faculty, staff and students (either in the CS department or enrolled in a CSCI course) should have access to the CSEL resources, which include PCs for academic use, a graphics machine and a printer. For more information, visit the CSEL webpage.

Education Lab Remote Access (ELRA)

All IdentiKey users on the CS career track have access this service. SSH into, which consist of the following hosts:


You may set a shell globally on the IdentiKey Portal. This is /bin/bash by default.


A personal site can be hosted if you create ~/public_html or ~/.www on any one of of the elra hosts mentioned above. Your URL would look like:

If you are having trouble (ie permission denied issues), make sure the web server has permission to read this directory.

chmod o+x ~; chmod o+rx ~/.www

Learning and Reviewing C++: Recommended Resources

This list includes a number of resources for students who want to teach themselves C++ or who feel that they would benefit from a C++ review before going from an introductory programming class into CSCI 2270 (Data Structures). Please note that we do not officially endorse these websites. However, most of these resources have been recommended in the past by the instructors who teach our CSCI 1300 (Intro to Programming) and CSCI 2270 courses as of summer 2020.

If you have specific questions about the content covered in either CSCI 1300 or CSCI 2270, please reach out to the faculty member who is teaching the course during the current (or previous) fall or spring semester. Please note that these resources are not just for computer science majors; we want anyone who will be taking CSCI 1300 or CSCI 2270 to feel free to access them.

Top Resources

Other Resources

For students who have AP or community college credit for CSCI 1300, but in a language other than C++, we recommend that you reach out to your academic advisor to discuss your options and determine if you are ready to move on to CSCI 2270.