Summer 2018 Tuition Rates*

Students enrolled in the Applied Computer Science BS program will pay the undergraduate tuition rates as determined by the University of Colorado Boulder. Starting summer 2018, pending approval (decision to be made in April 2018), tuition fees for all in-state students will be $750 per student credit hour and $800 per student credit hour for out-of-state students. If these new tuition rates are not approved, students should refer to the tuition rates listed under Engineering in the following pdfs:

Summer 2018 Fees*

Students will pay the following fees per semester:

  • Student computing (6 credits or less) = $33.62 or (≥ 7 credits) = $67.24
  • Student information system = $7.00
  • Career services = $12.00

Other Costs

Students are responsible for: 

  • One-time Application fee: $50 ($70 international students)
  • New student fee: 
    • $232* (one-time fee upon entering a degree program, new students and transfers) 
    • $500 (one-time fee upon entering a degree program, international students) 
  • Textbooks for courses and a suitable computer for the program. Student computers should conform to the recommended minimum computer standards.

* All tuition rates and fees are pending approval. The Board of Regents reserves the right to change the tuition and fee rates at any time. The current tuition and fee structure is for students taking courses in the Applied Computer Science program. Students enrolled in the Applied Computer Science program who take other courses outside of this program will be charged on-campus fees. Pending approval, starting summer 2018, tuition fees for all in-state and out-of-state students will be based on a flat rate per student credit hour. The tuition and fee structure for entering students in spring 2018 will be subject to existing tuition guarantees.