Applied Computer Science B.S. Degree Requirements

This online degree program offers unique computer science courses at the end of which a student earns a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science from University of Colorado Boulder. All courses in this special post-baccalaureate program are developed and taught by University of Colorado Boulder faculty who are experts in their field. Online students follow the same rigorous curriculum as on-campus students.


All courses offered in the online program will follow the same learning outcomes as courses offered on campus.

Students must complete 45 credit hours of computer science courses to graduate. All general education courses will be satisfied by the prior Bachelor’s degree. The initial offered elective classes focus on data analysis, including the methods and mechanisms used to process big data.

The program is intended to prepare students for working alongside professional data scientists, or to prepare students for further study in data science. Each of the classes follows the same learning goals, methods and evaluation as used in our on-campus courses. Classes start each semester, and plans of study are available to finish the program by following a 1-year, 1.5-year, 2-year or 3-year suggested plans of study.

Number of credit hours is indicated in parentheses ( )

    • CSCI 1300 (4) Computer Science 1: Starting Computing
    • CSCI 2270 (4) Computer Science 2: Data Structures
    • CSCI 2400 (4) Computer Systems
    • CSCI 2824 (3) Discrete Structures
    • CSCI 3104 (4) Algorithms
    • CSCI 3155 (4) Principles of Programming Languages
    • CSCI 3308 (3) Software Development Methods and Tools

    Additionally, students must complete a total of 19 credit hours of elective courses. Currently, the following courses are planned to be offered online, with additional courses to be added in the future:

    • CSCI 1000 (1) Computer Science as a Field of Work and Study (in development, to be offered at a later date)
    • CSCI 3022 (3) Introduction to Data Science Algorithms
    • CSCI 3287 (3) Design and Analysis of Data Systems
    • CSCI 3702 (3) Cognitive Science
    • CSCI 3753 (4) Design and Analysis of Operating Systems
    • CSCI 4830 (3) - Information Visualization
    • CSCI 4253 (3) Datacenter Scale Computing - Methods, Systems and Techniques (in development, to be offered at a later date)
    • CSCI 4502 (3) Data Mining
    • CSCI 4xxx-2,3, Applied Computer Science Capstone (in development, to be offered at a later date)

    Transfer Credits

    Students who have taken on-campus computer science courses at CU-Boulder through Continuing Education can receive credit for a maximum of 15 credit hours before matriculating into the program.

    Students who have taken computer science courses from other universities can transfer a maximum of 9 credit hours to the program assuming that the courses are equivalent to the courses in the program. 

    Students may combine CU Boulder and other university transfer credits, however they may not exceed more than 15 credits total. 

    Furthermore, courses that have been taken over 10 years ago may not be transferred to the program. 

    Minor Policy

    It is the policy of the College of Engineering and Applied Science that students enrolled in the Applied Computer Science post-baccalaureate degree program may not earn minors.