Continuing Education (CE) Applications for 2020

Application Deadlines

Spring, 2020 - November 15th, 2019
Summer, 2020 - TBD
Fall, 2020 - TBD

First day of Spring, 2020 Classes: January 13th, 2020
Spring, 2020 Academic Calendar

Please be aware that CE deadlines and processes are DIFFERENT than the Post-Baccalaureate program deadlines and processes. CE & the Post-Baccalaureate program are not responsible for missed deadlines. 

Beginning Summer, 2019, the Post-Baccalaurate program, in collaboration with Continuing Education, will be offering computer science courses a la carte. These courses will enable non-degree seeking students the ability to enroll in a select number of online Computer Science courses.

*Note: On-campus students are not eligible to enroll in these classes. Additionally, Post-Baccalaureate students should register for section 001 or 100 of each course

Who Can Enroll

Non-degree seeking students who wish to take classes a la carte will have access to all classes offered by the program

 Courses Offered

Non-degree seeking Continuing Education students may enroll in any of the courses listed on the Course List page

*Note: CSPB courses are equivalent to their CSCI counterpart. All Non-Degree Student Section courses are section 570 classes. 


All non-degree students, regardless of residency, will be charged a flat rate of $847 per credit hour. No additional fees will be assessed by the Post-Baccalaureate program. 

Additionally, Colorado residents should note that College Opportunity Fund discounts cannot be applied to Continuing Education courses. 

How To Apply

Step 1

Confirm you meet the CSCI prerequisites* for the course. To learn about course prerequisites, visit the CU course catalog.
Have non-CU credits you believe are prerequisites? You can easily check if they transfer by visiting There you simply set up an account, and use the "Will My Courses Transfer" tab to find out if the class you took is equivalent to the prerequisite CU course. 

*Important: Students must meet the CSCI prerequisites in order to enroll in these courses. These may differ from CSPB prerequisites, so please always defer to the CSCI prerequisite. 

Step 2

Non-degree seeking students should contact CU Contining Education for details on enrollment and tuition/fees by emailing Continuing Education.


*All deadlines conform to the CU academic calendar