Published: Nov. 16, 2020

A woman attends a class on her laptop as she sits on her couch.

Deciding to go back to school is a big enough decision as it is, and finding the right program for you in the world of higher education can be tricky to navigate. That’s why we want to take a moment to educate you on what a post-baccalaureate degree is, what to expect during the program, and potential outcomes after completing our program. 

A post-baccalaureate, or second bachelor’s, is a degree or program that allows students who have already have an undergraduate degree to prepare for a field different from their first degree. For example, our Online Computer Science Post-Baccalaureate degree provides students the same computer science credits as our on-campus computer science degrees. Our post-baccalaureate students come with backgrounds in biology, business, physics and geosciences -- what is common among all of them is they want to expand their skills and education to include computer science through our online program.

What is an Online Computer Science Post-Baccalaureate Degree?

Our post-baccalaureate degree is an accelerated, online program where, when completed, you receive a bachelor’s in computer science in 45 credit hours.

Why should I pursue an Online Computer Science Post-Baccalaureate degree?

Our post-bacc degree is designed for working professionals. This means all the classes are available online whenever you are. At completion of the program, you will receive a bachelor’s degree, but it is much faster than a traditional, on-campus degree. This program only requires 45 credits as compared to 120 credits. The curriculum is designed around the main skills required to work in the computer science field, not electives. If you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree, a post-bacc can get you the necessary credentials for that, too. This is a great way to help advance your career even if you choose to only take a few classes. There’s no pressure to complete the entire program! 

What do I get at the completion of the program? 

Our bachelor’s degree in “Applied Computer Science” is issued from the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. This degree is equivalent to the on-campus degree you receive for four years in the Department of Computer Science. While we cannot predict how employers will regard your qualifications from this degree, we can say CU Boulder is a nationwide leader in engineering, and is recognized as being the No. 1 public university recipient of NASA research awards and has a reputation for producing graduates who can excel in engineering fields. 

Is this degree accredited? 

Yes, by the Higher Learning Commission

Is the curriculum the same as the on-campus degree?

Yes, all of our classes are equivalent and just as rigorous as on-campus with the same qualified professors, as well as resources to help you toward your degree. 

How does the online learning experience differ from on-campus classes?

Students will be able to view pre-recorded lectures, receive reading assignments, and have homework and quizzes with deadlines just like on-campus courses. Unlike on-campus, however, our class sizes are much smaller, allowing for more meaningful interactions between your peers and instructors. Instructors offer office hours twice a week and monitor a daily web forum, where you can post questions and interact with your fellow students. 

What types of jobs do I qualify for after I receive the degree?

Success looks different for every student. While our program can prepare you to work in specific roles such as web development, software developer or systems analyst, it’s important to determine before beginning our program what your goals are. This may mean speaking with professionals in the industry, or people in roles you wish to obtain and ask them what is needed.