Emma Lischwe, MA
Professional Research Assistant

Emma has a M.A. in Linguistics and a B.A. in Linguistics and Russian Studies. She came to the Institute because she was interested in working on the Healthy Body, Mind, and Voice project, originally just as some part time work doing literature. The project has strong personal value and interest to Emma, and she has been able to use her knowledge of language, art, and graphic design.

Currently, Emma is co-developing the curriculum for the mind. body. voice. program and designing the supplemental guide that will be used by students. Emma is also the facilitator for the Youth Team on the project.  The Youth Team and Emma create branding materials, materials for recruitment, videos for the program, and dive into the content together to continually refine and check understanding.  Emma came onto the project doing literature review, then co-facilitated an arts-based Youth Participatory Action Research qualitative study, participated in co-design and curriculum creation and development, and co-facilitated the Girls, Inc. pilot program.  She is also a Design Expert for the Institute. She has worked extensively on editing and redesigning the Alma manual, designing recruitment materials, and creating graphic images for the institute.