The Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship was established in summer 2017 as a partnership between Research Computing and University Libraries.

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Our Initiatives

The cyberinfrastructure initiative promotes infrastructure to support the curation, storage, access, and long-term preservation of scholarly digital assets and research data.

The digital scholarship initiative works with researchers and other partners to facilitate work on digital projects throughout their lifecycle, from project planning to the dissemination and preservation of scholarly outputs.

The education and training initiative assists with educational opportunities, such as courses or informal seminars, to teach important skills in the area of data science. 

The research data management initiative provides services and support for the full-lifecycle management and curation of research data produced at CU Boulder. The initiative offers workshops, consultations, and other learning opportunities (in collaboration with the education and training initiative) covering a wide range of topics related to research data management and curation. In collaboration with the cyberinfrastructure initiative, research data management helps make infrastructure and tools for data storage, data management, and data publishing available for all CU Boulder researchers to utilize.