What steps must vendors and contractors complete in order to be allowed on campus?

You will be required to complete the CU Boulder COVID-19 Safety and Awareness Training. There are two steps for this training:

  • Step 1: Download a PDF document of this training. The training slides contain information and clickable links for additional information. Read and complete the full training. 
  • Step 2: Submit your training to the person who required you to complete it. 
    • Be sure you have the full name (first and last name) and email address of the person who required you to take this training.   
    • Once you have completely filled in the signer information requested, please select “Begin Signing” to be taken to the PDF copy of the required training. You may complete additional review of the material.
    • Once finished, please sign the acknowledgment on the final page to verify that you have completed this course, understand your individual responsibilities and agree to adhere to these expectations.