Students posing with CAPS therapy dog

CAPS is pleased to announce that we are now offering canine-assisted therapy. Canine-assisted therapy incorporates the presence of a dog during a counseling session. Dogs can reduce stress and help a student feel more comfortable discussing difficult issues. Our canine therapist (CT), Toby, is on campus one day per week to visit with students.

Individual Canine-Assisted Therapy

  • A student can request a CT through their therapist. If the therapist feels that it is clinically appropriate, the therapist can book the CT and include them in a session with a student.
  • Anyone who requests for a CT will be asked to sign a consent form where they acknowledge that they don’t have allergies or a fear of dogs.
  • There is no limit on how many times a student can book a CT as long as they have a scheduled session with their therapist/therapy group and the therapist feels that it is clinically appropriate.
  • CTs are present only when scheduled by therapists for individual or group sessions.
  • CTs cannot be scheduled as a session alone with the student. The dogs are just companions in a session with our therapist.

Outreach Events

Want one of our canine therapists to appear at an on-campus event? Submit our outreach request form online, and specify that you'd like to have a canine therapist there. A Health and Wellness staff member must attend all events with canine therapists.

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Meet Our Canine Therapists