Anne Miller

Anne Miller joined the staff at CAPS in 2011 after completing a 21 year career in the Indian Health Service, serving initially as a midwife and later as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Except for a four year stint in Moab, UT the rest of her time was spent throughout the Navajo reservation. One of her favorite assignments was in Monument Valley where she raised Navajo Churro sheep, shearing them, carding and spinning their wool, dyeing with plants and weaving Navajo-style rugs on her tree loom. 

Anne graduated from Broomfield High School and the University of Northern Colorado for her nursing degree, then the University of Southern California for her midwifery training and the State University of New York for her masters degree and psychiatric/mental health training. She moved back to Colorado in 2010. In addition to weaving her passions include watercolor painting, gardening and raising her children.

Other Interests: 

Her professional interests, which grew out of her experience with the Navajo population include women’s mental health, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and veterans mental health.

My favorite thing about working at CAPS is:

The vitality of the students. They are hard working and inspiring. I also like the rhythm of the school year, the new students just arriving and the graduating ones starting their new careers. I'm happy to be a part of their journey.