Stephanie Palacios
PsyD Candidate • MFT

Stephanie has focused the past 10 years on how to intervene at the individual, group and community levels to help guide people, couples, organizations and leaders through mindfulness, stress and anxiety management, conflict resolution, peak performance, leadership development and values-driven living.

Stephanie previously provided individual therapy, group therapy and outreach to university students at Johns Hopkins University CAPS. Before that, she developed and ran workshops and groups on mindfulness, sleep health, peak performance, and stress management at Northwestern University’s Stress Clinic. She received rigorous training in CBT and ERP for anxiety and OCD at a hospital in Chicago, and worked with a private practice offering bilingual (Spanish-English) psych testing and therapy to a variety of settings including medical, academic, private sector, and forensics. She has also worked as a change management specialist, a bilingual community counselor, a testing specialist, and a workshop facilitator. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation, which evaluates a stress management program she designed for Hispanic entrepreneurs.

Stephanie is passionate about helping others to lead meaningful lives, whatever that looks like for that person. She believes in the power we can harness within ourselves and the growth that can be achieved by increasing our self-understanding, self-compassion, present-moment awareness, intentionality, and making values-driven decisions. She is quadralingual & tri-cultural (American-Colombian-Mexican), and for all her fellow MBTI enthusiasts out there, she’s an ENFP.


She, her, hers


  • PsyD, Clinical Psychology - Adler University
  • MFT, Marriage & Family Therapy - The Adler School of Professional Psychology (2010)
  • BS, Psychology - Loyola University (2008)
  • BS Minor, Communication - Loyola University (2008)

The place I'd most like to see

Design meaningful holistic retreats for people and groups that include self-care across multi-disciplinary dimensions and take place in naturally beautiful locations.

Areas of interest

Stephanie is passionate about empowering and educating others through preventative and proactive means beyond the scope of individual therapy, such as outreach, groups and workshops. One of the many reasons she enjoys working in a university setting is the various ways she is able to connect with young adults through these different modalities. She enjoys working with students who may otherwise not walk into CAPS.

The themes and issues she enjoys treating the most include anxiety, stress management, peak performance, multicultural issues, feminist issues, conflict resolution, assertiveness and career counseling.