Location: Regent 302

9:00-9:13 a.m. Kickoff Discussion (Provost Russ Moore, CFO Kelly Fox, AVC Carla Ho-a)

9:13-9:23 a.m. Undergraduate Education (VP Mary Kraus) 

9:23-9:33 a.m. Enrollment Management (AVC Gwen Pomper)

9:33-9:43 a.m. Strategic Initiatives (VP William Kuskin)         

9:43-9:58 a.m. Debrief (Howard Teibel)

9:58-10:08 a.m. Research and Innovation Office (AVC Abby Benson)

10:08-10:18 a.m. Office of Information Technology (CIO Larry Levine)

10:18-10:28 a.m. Office of Faculty Affairs (VP Jeff Cox)

10:28-10:43 a.m. Debrief (Howard Teibel)

10:43-10:58 a.m. Break 

10:58-11:08 a.m. Strategic Relations (VC Frances Draper)

11:08-11:18 a.m. Budget and Planning (SVP Bill Kaempfer)      

11:18-11:28 a.m. Infrastructure and Safety (VC David Kang)

11:28-11:48 a.m. Debrief (Howard Teibel)

11:48-12:08 p.m. Lunch 

12:08-12:13 p.m. Chancellor’s Remarks (Chancellor Phil DiStefano)

12:13-1 p.m. Facilitated Discussion (Howard Teibel)

1 p.m. Adjourn