This training course is designed for new or experienced employees and covers all phases of departmental property management. Employees who complete all three sessions will receive a Departmental Property Manager (DPM) certification. Training and certification are sponsored by the Campus Controller’s Office, Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG), and Property Services.

Session Topics

Session 1: This training covers the entire life-cycle of property management from purchasing, inventory, and transfers to disposal. It highlights best practices, explains the rationale for campus guidelines, and shows you where to get answers to all of your capital property questions.

Session 2:  In this course, you will learn how to create equipment disposal requests, appropriately manage equipment transfers to another CU campus, how to successfully set-up donations to a non-profit, how to handle trade-ins, and more. You will also gain an understanding of what happens to CU-Boulder surplus property once it is picked up from your department. Contact Jack Brubaker at 303.492.7207 or Jilliandra Michko at 303.492.6324.

Session 3:This class focuses on equipment purchased with sponsored or federal dollars. You will gain an understanding of the additional tracking requirements when managing these items. Contact Pat Dodson in OCG at 303.735.6277.

Training Schedule

  • Session 1 is held in winter
  • Session 2 is held in spring
  • Session 3 is held in summer

Check our training schedule for details closer to the months training is listed.

Contact Us or to Register

Please register by email and include your CU ID# and phone number: Property@Colorado.EDU. If you have questions, email Property@Colorado.EDU or call Greg Roers at 303-492-6376.

For more information visit the Property Central website.