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Organization Team and Structure

The Campus Controller's Office (CCO) is a division of Finance and Business Strategy - CU Boulder’s resource for strategic business operations, financial management and decision-making support. On the campus, we serve as trusted leaders in higher-education financial accounting and reporting. Within our team, CCO is committed to providing the framework for a strong culture of innovation and acceptance. We have built a team in which everyone is valued, respected and has an opportunity to thrive in a successful career.

Welcome to the CCO Team! We are excited to have you join our dynamic community of accounting and finance professionals. Get to know our organization better using the resources below:

 Human Resources & Payroll Assistance

Valerie Crow oversees human resources related tasks for the Campus Controller's Office.

Team supervisors and managers play a vital role in each part of CCO's HR processes. Checklists and guides on each of the following topics are available in our Guidance for Supervisors which is available on CCO's shared drive under Resource > HR-related Resources.

  • Hiring - Filling a vacant position, creating a new position, recruiting, onboarding setup
  • Accepting a resignation and retirements

All HR transactions are managed by the CU Boulder Human Resources Service Center (HRSC). Their support services include: MyLeave, timesheets, payroll and more. Valerie Crow is CCO's single point of contact to the HRSC for the East Campus 

Need help? Related questions should be directed to your supervisor. If unresolved, Valerie Crow will assist supervisors and staff. She will also contact the HRSC on your behalf, if needed.

Visit CU System Offices for help from Employee Services to enroll in benefits, setup payroll withholdings and review payroll calendars.

All Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) services are managed by the campus HR FMLA Coordinator to protect your privacy. Contact Taylor.Craven@colorado.edu for assistance.

CU Boulder Human Resources

CCO partners with other CU units to help you manage your payroll, MyLeave, FMLA, campus-wide training and professional development. Our partners include the CU Boulder Human Resources department (HR) and CU System Employee Relations (ES). Visit Human Resources for resources for new employees, current employees, managers and supervisors.

Desktop Support

The Office of Information Technology's Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS) program supports CCO's computer and technology needs. If you have an issue, please submit a ticket using your CU Identikey.

  • Ensure our systems are properly backed up 
  • Help keep us safe from potential hackers
  • Inform or escalate email or technical issues
  • Install, move, or upgrade our computers, software and printers
  • Maintain our computer systems in general
  • Solve computer hardware and software problems

Emergency Preparedness

CCO follows the campus' emergency preparedness guidelines. The Emergency Management site includes information on evacuations, weather conditions that might impact campus, personal preparedness, and an interactive flood map.

  • Staff Directory: CCO understands that in the event of an emergency, online resources may not be available. We maintain a comprehensive Staff Directory on our shared drive. We ask that you print a copy of that list periodically in the event we need to implement a telephone tree to contact our staff.

Presenter Toolkit

These tools are designed to help CCO staff create and deliver great instructor led training (ILT) presentations. These resources will also assist in the development of all CCO training materials.

Send your presentation, slideshow or handout to controller.comm@colorado.edu for review. We will ensure your document meets branding and accessibility standards. Please give us at least 10 days advance notice.

  • PowerPoint Templates: J Drive >Communication >Branding >1_PowerPoint Templates
  • Letterhead/Word Templates: J Drive >Communication >Branding >2_CCO Letterhead

Professional Development

Our strategic priorities include a focus on developing our staff. We are sincerely committed to ensuring our employees have opportunities for professional development in which they can continuously improve their professional knowledge, competence, and enhance their skills. We believe in developing the talent our staff' which will further increase the level of expertise our department brings to the campus.

We Offer

  • A career path for each individual
  • Access to conferences, CPE, CFR, and CU HR-led training and workshops
  • Accessible learning opportunities
  • Coaching, mentoring, and performance management strategies and tactics
  • Internal discussion groups and forums

We Support

  • An inter-connected, cross-functional team
  • An environment of collaboration
  • An engaged work force
  • A positive culture