Cost share covers the additional contributions/support toward a project/award not funded by the sponsor. Cost share includes both mandatory and voluntarily commitments. CU Boulder's cost share accountants (CSA) assist with the following: 

  • Review cost shares to ensure CU Boulder is in compliance with federal statutes, regulations, CU policies and procedures, and terms and conditions of the award
  • Monitor all cost shares
  • Help to determine if charges are allowable, allocable and reasonable
  • Create cost share reports for federal and state agencies, and
  • Provide certifications for invoicing

Participant support is a portion of the award specifically created by the sponsoring agency to enrich learning experiences. Monitoring is completed by the CSA on a quarterly basis to ensure expenses meet the participant support guidelines, and specifically the restrictions, contained in the terms and conditions of participant award.

Training is available for cost share and participant support periodically and by request.