Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) Financial Compliance is committed to ensuring the highest levels of integrity are met in all areas of regulatory compliance in managing CU Boulder Fund 30/31 transactions. We are governed by federal and state policies, laws, regulations and CU policies and procedures. We strive to uphold each governing regulation with a strong commitment to both the university and the researchers we assist. Our efforts also include promoting an understanding across the faculty and staff of the requirements that control their research.

Our duties include management of Funds 30 and 31, plus:

  • Review and approve journal entries
  • Ensure that cost transfers are in compliance with federal statutes, regulations, CU policies and procedures, and terms and conditions of the award
  • Review and approve payroll expense transfers
  • Maintain and ensure compliance with electronic Personnel Effort Reports (ePERS)
  • Review and approve purchase order (PO) requisitions in CU Marketplace for sponsored projects
  • Monitor accounts for Participant Support expenditures 
  • Monitor accounts for all Cost Sharing/matching dollars, and 
  • Provide Cost Share reports to Billing and Sponsoring government and private entities

Contact Us

James Lei, CPA, Assistant Director Sponsored Projects Accounting - 303.735.6435


Kathy Loudermilk, SPA Financial Compliance Manager - 303.492.1679

Jordan Belke, Cost Share Accountant - 303.735.7642

Jiao Hemphill, CPA, Payroll Expense Transfer/Effort Reporting Accountant - 303.735.2805
Areas: ePERs, PETs, PO requisitions

Jim Sheppard, Accounting Tech III - 720.235.0572
Areas: Review and Approve Cost Transfers/Journal Entries (JEs)