Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) is responsible for the post-award administration of grants and contracts for CU Boulder. After the negotiation process is complete, and a project award has been accepted by CU Boulder, SPA's Setup Team assumes responsibility for the project set up within the Finance System using benchmark delivery timeframes in order to establish the following for Fund 30/31 projects:

  • Review award documents to make sure that data in FileMaker is accurate
  • Enter all relevant project data into PeopleSoft
  • Create SpeedTypes, A/R codes, and budget journal entries in PeopleSoft
  • Resolve discrepancies and budget errors with appropriate staff
  • Assist with complex budget resolution
  • Assure required documents are linked to award
  • Update PeopleSoft with award changes, fiscal staff, and re-orgs
  • Request new sponsors and account codes for PeopleSoft

After a research project account ends we complete the Financial Closeout Process during which we perform a comprehensive closeout analysis, reviewing all of the account activity over the lifetime of the award. This includes ensuring that CU-Boulder accurately reports the use of sponsored funds, recorded in the university's financial records and, have maintained compliance with the sponsor's terms and conditions throughout the project. The closeout process includes:

  • Review account activity and make sure all expenses are allowable under each agreement's terms and conditions
  • Closeout grants with granting agencies
  • This may include closeout of any subawards

We serve as audit liaison for federal, state and private auditors.


Contact Us


Gabby Rushing, Project Setup Accountant - 303.735.7299

Iryna Sutormina, Project Setup Accountant - 303.492.9308


Zahid Ashrafi, CRA, Project Accountant Lead - 303.492.7119

Sylvia Estrada, Closeout Accountant - 303.492.5287

Diana Vidal, Closeout Accountant - 303.492.1724


Nadiya Vovk, Technical Operations Manager - Setup and Closeout - 303.492.3778

James Lei, CPA, Assistant Director Sponsored Projects Accounting - 303.735.6435