The Grant Accountants ensure proper stewardship of restricted Funds 30/31 awarded to the University of Colorado Boulder. We provide customer support and oversight to the departments, confirming the funds accurately used and properly reported in compliance with federal, state, university, and sponsor’s rules and regulations.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Cash Management - monitor LOC accounts to determine drawing funds for federal agencies
  • Financial Oversight/Assistance - monitor and manage remaining balances or deficits
  • Financial Report preparation and submission
  • Financial Closeouts (in conjunction with the Closeout Team)
  • Customer Support to internal/external customers by consulting, training, and mentoring campus personnel

Contact Us  

Stephanie Rosario, Grant Accountant Supervisor, 303-492-2617
Areas: NASA, AMES, Dryden, Glenn, Goddard, Langley, Johnson

Tiffany Woods, Grant Accountant, 303-735-2038
Areas: DOD, Air Force, Navy, DARPA, NSA, European Commission, Natl Laboratories (Argonne, Battelle, Berkeley, Brookhaven, Fermi, Los Alamos, NREL, Pacific Northwest, Sandia, UCAR), Misc Sponsors T-U

Sutharshini Thanikasalam, Grant Accountant, 303-735-7510
Areas: Dept of Interior, USGS, Natl Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Others (BIA, BLM, BOEM, BSEE, OSMRE), Dept of Agriculture, USDA, Forest Service, NIFA, Others, DOJ, DOS, OEDIT, STScl, Misc Sponsors N-S

Jennifer (Jenny) Huettl, Grant Accountant  Supervisor, 303-492-8925
Areas: Dept of Commerce, NOAA, NIST, EDA, Dept of Education, EPA, FAA, Ball, Boeing, JPL, Misc Sponsors I-M

Beverly Baran, Grant Accountant, 303-735-4760
Areas: NSF, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Vacant, Grant Accountant, 303-735-4573
Areas: NSF, Misc Sponsors V-Z

Lesley Stephenson, CFRA, Grant Accountant Supervisor, 303-492-7213
Areas: DOE, Misc Sponsors A-H

Erica Davis, Grant Accountant, 303-735-5083
Areas: NSF, Foundations, Funds

Eric Tuskind, Grant Accountant, 303-492-6446
Areas:  HHS - NIH, C2B2

Sharon DeCarlo, Projects Accounting Manager, 303-492-8901