CU Boulder's Area Accountants provide accounting expertise, internal controls, guidance and interpretation of CU's fiscal policies and procedures, and post-audit financial transaction management. We are assigned accounting and administrative responsibilities for one or more Vice Chancellor (VC) areas. Individually, we also specialize in each of the various Fund groups, and serve your needs by properly recording, classifying, reconciling, correcting and querying transactions. In addition, we manage secondary approvals for Gift Fund journals and other journals which may require higher-level approval. Although each Area Accountant is assigned to specific focus areas, the team is cross-trained and able to help answer your questions across any VC area or Fund group. 

To ensure campus compliance with established rules, policies and regulations, we offer several training courses in coordination with CU System offices. These courses highlight:

  • Accounting, budgeting, and procurement policies and procedures

  • Preparing journal entries in the Finance System

  • Reading financial reports

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