Many of the roles in CU Marketplace work with other roles in order for users to have the access they need to ensure timely processing of accounts payable. While it’s common for CU Marketplace users to need more than one role, there are some roles that are not given to users in conjunction with certain other roles as standard practice. Users may hold several roles, with a few exceptions. Approvers cannot also hold a Requestor role; however, there are times when a department may need for a user to hold both these roles, and controls can be put in place to allow a user to have both roles in CU Marketplace.

In order to allow a user to be both a Requestor and Approver, we can give the user the Approver – Incompatible Access role alongside the Requestor role.  For Incompatible Access to be allowed, the Finance Compensating Controls Certification form must be completed with proper justification – tell us what conditions exist that require incompatible access to be granted.  Check the box marked ‘Compensating Control A for CU Marketplace Transactions’ and provide the reviewer’s name, employee ID and email address on the lines provided.  Your supervisor may be the reviewer, but that isn’t necessarily the case.  The reviewer should have a role (other than ‘Shopper’) in CU Marketplace that allows him/her to run a document search.  The reviewer certifies, at least quarterly, that the listed control is in place, and Incompatible Access will be recertified with the Campus Finance Access Coordinator each year.  Digital signatures are required to process your request. 

Requestors cannot also be shoppers, and there is no allowable incompatible access provided for this option.