Changes begin on October 1, 2018

Why restructure?

The Campus Controller’s Office has undertaken structural changes since April 2018 to better serve the campus community. We are working with departments to make it easier to know who to contact in CCO. The successful area accountant model has been expanded so it will now encompass all funds. At the same time, we are working within CCO to streamline the number of people who reach out to a single department from within CCO. The goal of this approach is to optimize resources and increase client satisfaction and service to the campus across all funds. This restructuring focuses on serving:

  • CU Boulder faculty, staff and administration; and
  • External agencies who provide funding for sponsored research.

Our goal is to reduce institutional financial risk through:

  • timely oversight of expenditures in all funds;
  • support for departmental review of sponsored projects expenses for allowability on a timely and routine basis, and therefore a more efficient closeout of sponsored research awards; and
  • more consistent information and service to departments.
Who do I call for help?

When you need to contact CCO, contact your assigned area accountant. Every department is assigned an area accountant who will field all questions regarding funds management for any and all funds. Your area accountant is your point of contact for incoming questions to CCO. Any questions you may have sent to SPA in the past can now be addressed by your area accountant.

Who from CCO will call me?

Your area accountant might call you for issues related to appropriateness of expenditures, deficits, or other issues related to funds management.

The set-up team might call you if they have a question regarding information you submitted to request a new SpeedType.

You might be contacted regarding ePERs.

A financial analyst might call you with questions regarding sponsored funds 30/31/33 including questions about invoicing, allowability of an expense, or closeout of an award.

What points of contact have not changed?
  • Set-up for programs and projects has not changed.
  • Debt and Asset Management will continue to work directly with departments and with OCG.
  • All cash management questions should be sent to
What does the CCO structure look like now?
CCO has had a number of general use email boxes in the past. Where is that now?
Have CCO staffing levels changed?

Area Accounting expanded from four to ten. Three area accountants were added and three positions were moved from the former SPA Financial Compliance unit. Area accountants handle all incoming questions from departments for all funds.

For sponsored projects, there are 12 financial analysts. One group will focus on sponsor-related activities: letter of credit drawdown, routing and required financial reports, as well as responding to sponsor-specific questions. A second group will focus on questions of allowability and project closeouts. By conducting more expenditure review during the life cycle of the award, it is anticipated that the close-out process, coordinated with OCG award compliance, can occur in a more timely way.

How will CCO coordinate work with OCG?

A CCO Awards Management team has been formed to manage workflow between OCG and CCO. The team is comprised of team leads from setup (Gabby Rushing), area accounting, invoicing (Sonya Lee), financial analysis–closeouts (Zahid Ashrafi), cash management, and a financial analyst representative (Erica Davis). This team has the authority to make decisions in their respective areas regarding award management in discussions with OCG partners. In the event that a decision requires escalation beyond this team in order to resolve an issue, the point of escalation within CCO is Ron Ravel (

When will names be updated on the financial reports? Until that happens, who do I contact?

For questions about MFIN reports, please contact your area accountant.

Due to the amount of programming work required for UIS to make changes to this name field for Boulder campus reports, we do not anticipate making the request to the UIS team at this time.

Who handles budget transfer questions when a scope of work or dollar amount changes?

The Office of Contracts and Grants handles changes in scope of work and budget changes. 

Who do departments reach out to when they think they are due a payment from a sponsor?

Send cash management questions to

Who handles questions of allowability on sponsored projects? This used to be done in SPA.

Contact your area accountant with questions about allowability. If needed, the area accountant will consult with the subject-matter-expert assigned to a particular sponsor and then will respond back to you.

During the process of periodic sponsor required reporting and closeout, financial analysts will address questions of allowability in their review of expenditures. If there are questions regarding allowability, they will contact you.

Who do I contact for award set-up or set-up corrections?

Contact for requests for SpeedType set-up, regardless of fund. Emails sent to will be automatically forwarded to the correct department in CCO.

If equipment is purchased or a fabrication is needed on a fund 30, who do I contact?
Who do we contact about F&A rate and type?

If the question occurs during the proposal stage, contact the Office of Contracts and Grants.

If the question arises during the period of performance of the award, contact your area accountant.

Who do we contact regarding balance, expense and revenue questions on cost share?
In the new restructure, who is responsible for reporting financial information to the sponsors?

The assigned financial analyst is responsible for reporting financial information to the sponsor.

DRAs may have some sponsors who request special additional reporting. How is this handled?

Send these requests to your area accountant. The response will be coordinated within CCO. You may be contacted by a financial analyst during this process.

Who do we contact for questions about ePERs, particularly on a cost share?
What kind of internal documentation is used in CCO to track nuances about sponsor requirements, allowances, etc?

Staff have access to InfoEd and FIN systems, as well as to CCO internal documentation about types of non-standard allowances on certain projects, sponsor specific requirements, etc. This documentation is built over the period of performance of a sponsored project to assure that staff provide consistent and timely responses to inquiries.

What is the CCO all funds advisory group?

The CCO all funds advisory group consist of thirteen representatives from campus who meet monthly to offer guidance and feedback as we continue implementing this restructure. You can email Kaye Orten ( with comments or suggestions.

How can I get updated information about what is happening with the CCO restructure?

For more information and details, visit the CCO website and FAQs and watch for updates in the Fiscal News.

Where do I route the Additional Pay Form for approval now?

Where the Additional Pay Form indicates routing to Grants/Contracts for approval (Research FOPPs only), it should be sent to your area accountant now. 

Does CCO have a standard for response time when I contact the office with a question?

In general, we will acknowledge receipt of your email within one business day. Additional research is usually required and it may take longer to resolve your question but we will keep you informed on the status.