The Campus Controller’s Office has been undertaking structural changes since April to better serve the campus community. We are working with departments to make it easier to know who to contact in CCO. The successful area accountant model will be expanded so it will now encompass all funds.

At the same time, we are working within CCO to streamline the number of people who reach out to a single department from within CCO.

Changes begin on October 1.

Who do I call for help?

When you need to contact CCO, you will contact your assigned area accountant. Every department is assigned an area accountant who will field all questions regarding funds management for any fund. Your area accountant is your point of contact for incoming questions to CCO. Any questions you may have sent to Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) in the past can now be addressed by your area accountant.

Who from CCO will call me?

  • The set-up team might call you if they have a question regarding information you submitted to request a new SpeedType.
  • Your area accountant might call you for issues related to appropriateness of expenditures, deficits or other issues related to funds management.
  • You might be contacted regarding ePERs.
  • Questions going to departments from CCO regarding sponsored funds 30/31/33 may come from a financial analyst. These may include questions about invoicing, allowability of an expense, or closeout of an award.

Points of contact that have not changed:

  • Set-up for programs and projects has not changed.
  • Debt & Asset Management will continue to work directly with departments.
  • ​Cash management for all fund types has been handled by the Office of Cash Management in the Bursar’s Office since the fall of 2017. All cash management questions should be sent to

Advisory Group

An advisory group of thirteen representatives from campus meet monthly to offer guidance and feedback as we continue implementing this restructure. You can email Kaye Orten ( with comments or suggestions. ​

Stay Informed

You can find FAQs and more information at Campus Controller’s Office. Also, updates about the restructure are sent monthly in the Fiscal News.