Subsystems – creating a new “black box” upload

Subsystems are computer applications to which data is entered and subsequently uploaded to the university’s PeopleSoft Finance System. Subsystems exist at the System level and at the department level. Those at the System level are managed by UIS Production and include, for example, Payroll, ISIS and AP. Those at the departmental level are often referred to as “black box” subsystems and are used by departments that process many transactions such as the Book Store, Facilities Management, Telecom and Mailing Services.

Why create a black box subsystem?

To expedite, manage and ensure better input accuracy of large volumes of data into the Finance System.

What kinds of transactions are appropriate for a black box?

  • Transactions that are considered a “first-time” entry (i.e. not corrections of previously processed entries).
  • Transactions that do not require preapproval or supporting documentation such as entries involving Fund 30, 31 and 34.       

When should a black box subsystem not be used?

  • Subsystems should never be used to bypass the university’s controls that are in place to ensure accounting and/or sponsored projects compliance.
  • A small volume of transactions should be entered directly into Finance System by creating a journal within PeopleSoft or uploading a journal into PeopleSoft from an Excel spreadsheet, and should not be entered via the Black Box.

How to setup a new black box subsystem account?

Contact Maggie Young to discuss the creation of a new black box account and its proposed Journal Prefix ID and description.

Note: Transactions considered for upload to a subsystem must be first-time inputs to the Finance System and must not be a correction or transfer of an existing entry. Subsystems uploading to Fund 3x SpeedTypes may be subject to additional approval by the Campus Controller’s Office and may not be granted an override to Fund 3x journal approvals.

For existing black box users

Read our black box user documentation.

How to update email contacts for black box notifications?

Send an email to Maggie Young, and include the black box journal prefix for the black box email list you wish to modify, and the name and CU Login Name (IdentiKey) of the person you wish to add or delete to your black box email list.

General information:

  • Black box uploads take place every hour on the hour between 2 and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • The resulting imported black box journal should be available in the Finance System the next business day.
  • It is the responsibility of the department to make sure all financial data imported into the Finance System, via a black box account, is successfully and accurately imported into the Finance System and the resulting journal approved.

Need troubleshooting help or have questions?

If you have problems with a black box batch upload or journal, or just have a question about black box processes, please contact Maggie Young.