Petty Cash

University organizational units may be provided a designated amount of cash for payment of incidental expenses of a nominal amount that require cash payment and that are not appropriately billed by invoice and paid by voucher or warrant. Petty cash shall be used for incidental expenses, study subjects (non-confidential) and health-related human subject (confidential). Such payments shall be in nominal amounts and otherwise allowable by university policy.

Change Funds

Change funds are exclusively used to make change when receiving cash (e.g., fees or fines) from the public. No expenses of any kind may be authorized from a change fund.

To establish, modify or close a petty cash or change fund:
  1. Review the PSC Procedural Statement: Petty Cash and Change Funds and CCO's The Guide sections on Petty Cash Funds or Change Funds.
  2. To establish: Complete a Petty Cash/Change Fund Request and a Payment Authorization.
    To modify (including change of custodian): Complete a Petty Cash/Change Fund Request.
    To close: Complete a Petty Cash/Change Fund Request and a validated Cash Receipt.
  3. Submit the completed form(s) and required documentation to for CCO’s review and approval.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are cash-like instruments used in lieu of cash or check. Gift cards shall be used for recognitions or study subjects. Since gift cards are cash equivalents, it is important that organizational units handle and account for them appropriately.

To establish or modify a gift card program:
  1. For recognitions and study subjects, review the PSC Procedural Statement: Gift Cards and CCO's The Guide section on Gift Cards. Additionally for recognitions, review Recognition Programs on the Human Resources site. Depending on the circumstances, obtain the necessary approval(s).
  2. To establish/modify (including change of custodian): Complete a Gift Card Authorization Request.
  3. Submit the completed form(s) and required documentation to for CCO’s review and approval.
  4. To maintain a record, we encourage departments to use the Gift Card Audit Log and Reconciliation template.