The Debt & Asset Management Team oversees campus policies and accounting functions designed to maintain uniform accountability for the University of Colorado Boulder's capital construction ($75,000+), equipment ($5,000+), debt, inventory for resale, petty cash, gift cards and change funds per related GAAP, GASB, state, regent and system policies.

Property Accounting Team

  • Melissa Keller ( is the acquisitions accountant.
  • Andy Settle ( takes over after acquisition to oversee the standard procedures to ensure the CU Boulder campus fulfills its responsibilities in the areas of acquisition, maintenance, control and disposition of capital property. 
  • Denise Rodriguez-Mora ( ensures that all equipment is tagged with a CU Identity sticker. Please work with her if you see an item you think has a value $5,000+ that does not have a CU Tag on it.

Property Central

Property Central is the single-point source of information for capital equipment (valued at $5,000 and above) hosted by the Campus Controller’s Office. Visit the Property Cental website for information, forms, useful links, contacts and more.

Departmental Property Manager (DPM) Training and Certification

The interactive training course is divided into three sections:

  • General Overview
  • Disposal/Surplusing
  • Sponsor Funded Purchases

This training is designed for new and experienced employees and includes best practices learned from experienced DPMs. Those individuals who complete all three training sessions within a two-year period will qualify for their Departmental Property Manager (DPM) Certification! Melissa and Andy coordinate training and certification. For more information, visit the Property Management Training page

Debt & Capital Construction

Debt & Capital Construction oversees construction accounting activity within Fund 71 (projects >$75,000), Fund 74 depreciation activity for all eligible assets, Fund 73 debt accounting and departments carrying inventory for resale. Any questions can be directed to Greg Roers ( or 303-492-6376.

Cash and Construction Accountant

The Cash and Construction accountant oversees the petty cash, gift cards, change funds, Fund 71 SpeedType Closing Process and monitoring audits of the above. Any questions in these areas can be directed to Diana Garris ( or 303-492-3568. 

Working with Diana on audits is Denise Rodriguez-Mora ( who schedules and performs the audits for our campus.